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My name is Olushola George Otenaike ( and I started online business in 1999. One of the ways I make money online is by buying and selling domain names and I have been doing so since 2010. I started the business with $100 and built my domain portfolio little by little.

Some of my past sales include, sold for $61 at flippa (click here for proof),, sold for  $316 at flippa (click here for proof), sold for $450 at flippa (click here for proof),, sold for $6,000 at godaddy (click here for proof) & so on. I have sold many other domains and have many domains in my portfolio for sale right now.

Domain trading describes the activities associated with buying and selling domain names. As at June 2018, there were about 135.6 million registered .com domain names. The most expensive domain name was sold in 2010 for $49.7 million (, while was sold for $35.6 million, was sold for $35 million in 2007 and was sold for $30.18 million in 2012, (click here for proof).

It is a billion dollar industry with the big market players having extremely high capital investment and thereby gaining a lot of advantages. This is a business that has produced many rags to riches stories for the internet to tell. Many people have actually become rich overnight trading domain names.

A lot of people don't know about this lucrative business which can help in boosting their income. In fact, those who know about it are not doing it right thereby losing their hard-earned money.

As a result of this, I have initiated an Online Mentoring Course In Domain Trading to train & guide newbies to success in the business. Here are what you will learn in the course:

(1) Introduction To Domain Trading

(2) How To Buy Marketable Domain Names

(3) How To Sell Domain Names For Profit

(4) Tools For Domain Trading

(5) 14 Tools A Serious Domainer Must Have

(6) How To Avoid Mistakes That Newbies Make

(7) Domaining The Chinese Way

(8) Factors To Consider Before Buying A Domain Name

(9) How To Receive Your Funds

(10) How To Buy & Sell Numeric Names

(11) Strategies of Buying Expired Domain Names

(12) How To Sell On Multiple Platforms Without Being Banned

(13) How To Avoid Trademark Issues

(14) How To Buy .com Domain Name For $1.17

(15) How To Handle Private Domain Sale

(16) Best Platforms To Sell Your Domain Names

(17) Which Domains To Buy and Sell Quickly For A Minimum 200% Profit

(18) How To Take Advantage of Liquid Domains

(19) My Personal Domaining Secret - How I Buy & Sell Domain Names For Profit

Plus more.

You will also get an eBook as a course material that covers all the topics that you will take in the course.

I will also give you personal mentorship when you are ready to start real trading in order to guide you to trade smartly.

Here are what some of my past students are saying;

"I was skeptical about this course but when I registered, I thank George for showing me the way."
- John, US.

"I registered for this course and it has helped me in the business."
- Anne, Lagos

"Thank you Mr George for initiating this course. I would have lost so much money due to my ignorance but with your mentoring, I now trade domain names with so much confidence and I make cool money."
- Ahmed, Pakistan.

"A friend told me about domain trading but I needed a mentor badly. I was lucky to know about this course and since I registered, I have no regret."
- Lora, U.K.

"The day I sold my first domain name through this mentoring  course was one of my happiest moments on earth. I am so grateful to you for this type of course and God will bless you."
- Sacha, Spain.

Moneyback Guarantee

This course is covered by a 30-day moneyback guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If I ask you to pay $590 for this course, it's more than worth it, but you will not pay $590. I won't ask you to pay $490 either. To enjoy the full package of this course, you will only pay $30 (or N9,000) if you register this month. After this month, it will jump back to the usual $390. So, the ball is now in your court.

How To Register For The Course

You can use four options to register for the course - Paystack, Bitcoin, Skrill and Bank Transfer.


Click HERE to pay through Paystack secured platform and get your course material instantly. It will be available for immediate download after payment.


To use Bitcoin to register, send your $30 to the wallet address below;



To use Skrill to register, send your $30 to;

Bank Transfer (For Nigerians)

Send your N9,000 To The Account Details Below;

Bank: GTB
Account name: Olushola Otenaike
Account number: 0217974124

After sending your payment, you should get in touch with me through or whatsapp +2348156217344 and I will send the course material to you so that you can start your course immediately. If you pay through Paystack, you will get your course material for download instantly.

For further inquiries, you can contact me via or whatsapp +2348156217344.

P.S: This offer is just for a limited time only, so act fast.

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  1. Very effective mentorship, in less than a month I can boldly say I'm well acquainted with domain trading.


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