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ScarletClicks Review 2018: Get Paid To Read Adverts

ScarletClicks is a paid-to-click (PTC) website where you get paid to read or view adverts. ScarletClicks was founded in May, 2009 by Dimitrios “Kordim” Kornelatos who is a Greek. Since 2009, the website has been consistent with lots of positive reviews from users who have shown proofs of timely payments and excellent customer support. We tested the platform to discover if it is possible for you to make money online with it and our findings are revealed below for your reading pleasure.

How Much Can You Make On ScarletClicks?

ScarletClicks is a paid-to-click (PTC) website where you get paid for viewing adverts. If you register as a standard member, you will be given about 6 adverts to view in which each of them will fetch you $0.001 and more than 30 adverts with the earning potential of each ranging between $0.0002 and $0.0005. If you upgrade your account, your earning potential is boosted. In addition to all the benefits of a standard member, you will receive 6 premium adverts and each of them will fetch you $0.01.

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Additional Ways Of Making Money On ScarletClicks

1. Through Direct Referrals

As a standard member, you will be paid 40% commission on all the adverts that your referrals view but you will get 100% if you are an upgraded member. For example, if your referral earns $1 by viewing adverts, you will receive 40 cents as a standard member or $1 as an upgraded member.

2. Through Rented Referrals

ScarletClicks gives you the opportunity to rent referrals if you are someone that is not good in referring people. You will get the same 40% from your rented referrals as a standard member and 100% as an upgraded member. The trick here is to get as many referrals as possible in order to enhance your earning. You will also get a discount when you extend your referral activities.

3. Through Upgrade Of Your Referrals

You will also be paid $0.5 anytime your referrals upgrade their membership plans but you must be an upgraded member in the Monthly Gold Plus, Yearly Silver, Yearly Gold or Yearly Gold Plus membership plan to enjoy this, while those on Diamond membership plan receive $1. You will also get 5% commission when your referrals purchase adverts.

4. Through Other Special Offers

There are other special earning offers on ScarletClicks like paid-to-sign up offers where you get paid for signing up on some websites and the pay here is higher than just viewing adverts. There is also the ScarletGrid game which gives you the opportunity to win $1 for clicking on a picture. As a standard member, you will be given 20 chances and this is increased if you are an upgraded member.

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ScarletClicks Membership Plans

There are presently eight membership plans on ScarletClicks; Standard ($0), Monthly Silver ($5 per month) , Monthly Gold ($10 per month), Monthly Gold Plus ($30 per month), Yearly Silver ($50 per annum), Yearly Gold ($100 per annum), Yearly Gold Plus ($300 per annum) and Diamond ($700 per annum).

ScarletClicks Cashout Methods - Are They Paying?

Our research shows that they have been paying since 2009 without hassles and are still paying up till now. Their minimum payout is $2 and they have many payout options like Skrill, Bitcoin, SolidtrustPay, Neteller, Litecoin, Payeer, Perfect Money and Dash. If you want to see their proofs of payment, you can visit their forum page and click on 'proof of payments' at the bottom of the page.

Awesome Rented Referrals

Our research shows that ScarletClicks has one of the most active rented referral base in the PTC industry. Since they make it mandatory for all members to click at least four adverts daily in order to earn from referrals, this has led to a very active rented referral base. Furthermore, it is easier to manage referrals compared to other PTC sites because ScarletClicks referrals are very active and it is advisable to replace those who are not active for four days or more.

How To Exploit ScarletClicks

1. Stay Active Everyday:

You can dedicate just 30 minutes daily to your ScarletClicks account and ensure that you click as many ads as possible.

2. Don't Rent Referals As A Standard Member

If you are a standard member, it is not advisable for you to rent referrals because it will not be profitable for you. If you want to remain a standard member, just have fun and take it as a game that pays.

3. Upgrade Your Membership

It makes a lot of sense to upgrade your account in order to get the full benefits of the website. It is advisable for you to upgrade to any of the yearly plan so that you will get a discount but if you can't afford that, you can start with any of the monthly plans.

4. Rent Referrals

There is a limit to the amount you can earn from your own clicks, hence, renting referrals is an ideal thing to do. The more the number of your referrals, the more money you are going to make.

5. Extend Rent Referrals Activities

When you extend the activities of your referrals, you will be getting discounts depending on the tenure of the extension. This will reduce your cost and boost your return on investment (ROI).

Calculation of Expected Income on ScarletClicks

If you upgrade to monthly silver plan with $5 and rent 200 referrals with $30, you will invest $35 monthly.

If your 200 rented referrals are upgraded members and each of them view at least 4 adverts daily (it is compulsory for every member to view at least 4 adverts daily), you will earn 0.04 x 200 x 30 = $240 monthly, giving you a profit of $205 monthly.


1. High rented referral activity and opportunity to manage them easily.

2. Opportunity to get unlimited referrals.

3. 100% direct referral commission for upgraded members.

4. Flexibility in payout-out options.

5. Prompt payment of members.

6. Trusted admin since 2009.


1. You can't earn much as a standard member.

2. No micro task to boost your income.

3. You need to click at least 4 adverts daily to earn from your referrals but you can purchase vacation days to avoid this.

Our Final Verdict

ScarletClicks is a good way to make money online but you need to be an upgraded member to boost your earning from their get paid to view adverts. There is no limit to how much you can earn depending on your investment and marketing capabilities. It is cheaper to rent referrals on ScarletClicks than other PTC sites and their rented referrals are very active.

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