Monday, January 11, 2016

NIRA registers 22,113 .ng space names in 2015

The President of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association, NIRA, Sunday Folayan, on Sunday said a sum of 22,113 .ng domain names were enrolled in 2015.

Mr. Folayan put forth this known in an announcement got by the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos.

The announcement said that there was an expansion of 3,240 .ng area names enrolled in 2015, when contrasted with the 18,870 enlisted in the year 2014.

It said that the web affiliation reestablished 14,462 .ng space names in 2015, demonstrating an expansion of 3,143 recharges, as against 11,319 in 2014.

"NIRA occupied with the exchange of 85 space names in 2015. We likewise saw an expansion in the quantity of NIRA-certify enlistment centers with an increment of five.

"NIRA can now gloat of having 53 licensed enlistment centers. We are cheerful their number would increment in 2016, with the extra accreditation of nearby and outside enlistment centers.

"It has been demonstrated that with more enlistment centers the nation over, Nigerian vicinity online would expand," the announcement said.

It reviewed that in Jan. 2015, 1,542 .ng area names were enrolled, 1,029 were restored and 41 exchanges were finished.

The announcement likewise said that 1,512 enrollments, 1,003 restorations and 45 exchanges were done in February, while in the month of March, 1,805 enlistments, 1,362 reestablishments and 67 exchanges were executed.

It likewise said that 1,509 enrollments of .ng names, 1,308 restorations and 63 exchanges were done in April, while 1,511 enlistments, 1,205 reestablishments and 32 moves were done in May, 2015.

By proclamation, the affiliation enrolled, reestablished and exchanged 2,087, 1,214 and 54 .ng space names, separately, in the month of June, while in July, it enlisted 2,260 .ng names, recharged 1,249 and exchanged 33.

It included that 1,990, 1,138 and 40 .ng area names were enrolled, restored and exchanged, separately, in August, as it moved to enlist 1,975, reestablished 1,347 and moved 33 names in September.

The announcement said that in October, NIRA enrolled 2,101 .ng names, 1,276 were restored and exchanged 73, while it enlisted 2,032, reestablished 1,117 and moved 46 in the month of November.

It included that 1,789 enrollments, 1,214 restorations and 85 exchanges were done by NIRA in the month of December 2015.

Taking all things together, 37,187 .ng area names exercises were executed by the web relationship in the year 2015.

The announcement said that .ng (like our coin, the Naira and the +234 for nation code) was the official Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), endorsed nation code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for Nigeria.

It said that the accessibility of names is better on the .ng ccTLD than on the bland top-level area (gTLD) like .com or .organization.

"With the .ng, our essential Domain Name System (DNS) servers are secured and privately made do with numerous cast servers situated far and wide," the announcement clarified.

It included that facilitating organizations on the .ng would bolster the Nigerian economy and give occupations to nearby Information Technology (IT) experts.

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