Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How To Attract Heavy Traffic To Your Website

The only way for you to succeed with your website is to have a lot of visitors (heavy traffic) every day and every month. Operation heavy traffic is a serious business and if you can give it all it requires, you will not regret launching a website. There are many strategies for generating heavy traffic to your domain and some of them will be discussed in this piece if you care to read on.

Don’t Take SEO Lightly:The best traffic for any website is the organic search engine traffic. You should ensure that you exploit all search engine optimization strategies, most especially, on-page SEO, great contents, link building, etc. Traffic from search engines cannot be compared to others on the World Wide Web, hence, you shouldn’t take SEO lightly.

Advertise Your Website:You can also reach out to many potential visitors through advertisements, either online or offline. Online adverts can be placed on popular websites or through ad agencies like Adcash, Bidvertiser, Adwords, Clicksor, etc. You can also place adverts on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and it is not expensive to do so. Offline adverts can be in form of flyers, newspaper ads, banners, vehicle branding and so on.

Get Social: Social networking will attract a lot of traffic to your website. By being active on popular social media sites, you will have a lot of friends and followers who are potential visitors to your domain.

Email Marketing: Some people think that email marketing is dead with the advent of social networking but this is far from reality. In fact, email marketing is waxing stronger, day by day. Hence, look for a good email marketing program and use it to reach out to millions of prospective visitors.

Guest Blogging:If you submit contents to blogs with good traffic, you will enjoy a considerable amount of traffic in return. However, you should choose the blogs properly and ensure that they are relevant to your niche and check their Alexa ranking to confirm that they enjoy good traffic.

Target Long-tail Keywords: In your SEO effort, you should ensure that you target long-tail keywords because they are mostly searched by search engine users. You can discover these keywords through Wordtracker and Google keyword Suggestion Tool.

Develop a Responsive Site: Your site must be highly responsive in today’s world because a lot of people use many devices to access the internet. In fact, some search engines consider responsiveness as part of criteria for ranking websites. Consequently, it is very important for you to take this into consideration when building your domain. Most importantly, you should ensure that your site is mobile-friendly.

Post Comments: Comment posting is a very vital traffic generation tool, especially when carried out on popular blogs. However, it is very important to follow the rules of comment posting in order not to be banned. The most important rule is to avoid spamming and you are good to go. Comment posting serves two purposes – link building and traffic generation.

Examine Your Analytical Data: By examining your analytical data properly, you will know where your highest traffic is coming from and probably why. You should then work on areas that are yet to feel your impact without neglecting the areas you are doing well.

Use a Proper Marketing Mix: Do not limit yourself to one marketing strategy, mix things up and your domain will experience a heavy traffic. Consider various options as well as approaches and blend them effectively in order to get the best result.

Research Competition: If you don’t know what your competitors are doing, you are not doing any business. Relevant of the activities of your competitors will guide you in formulating the best strategy for improving your business, especially in the area of traffic generation for your website.

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