Tuesday, January 26, 2016

HA.com to Hold Online/Live Domain Auction In San Francisco

According to a press release from Heritage Auctions an auction for domain name will be held in San Francisco.

HA.com is searching for:

Short, punchy single word .com names, suitable for marking an organization or another endeavor.

"Curb.com, Luxe.com, Hemisphere.com and Gazelle.com are incredible samples. .com is perfect.

Short is favored.

Non specific words, with no postfixes are best.

Curbs.com is not perfect.

Fencing.com is not perfect.

Fence.com would be great.

Short acronyms of 2-4 letters and .com favored.

Cases are NL.com, ACM.com, BOHO.com and GHG.com.

We don't have purchasers for letter/number mixes like H5K.com or 77F.com.

Those are not perfect.

Other two word or geo names.

In the past we have sold two word names and geographic .coms. Names like ThinkBig.com and Charlotte.com may be perfect for this sale, if valued well.

Names that match different classifications at HA.com."

Names that may be suitable for a well-off purchaser in craftsmanship, sports memorabilia, coins or funnies might be a solid match. We cross elevate these names to the enormous purchasers in those classifications. Nonetheless, before, the excessively costly names haven't moved ($100,000 and up). Attempt to keep it to $20,000 and under. Give these purchasers an easy decision choice.

We will advertise the sale to our 950,000 customer individuals, financial specialists, VC's and through customary media. Send over names that are ideal for speculation or marking. On the off chance that it has quality, and you need to move it, connect with me. We will attempt to give your name(s) the most introduction conceivable.

Since space is constrained, we are searching for awesome names, valued well. Our sweet spot on costs is $50,000 – $300,000 for single word .com names, as should be obvious from past deals recorded on www.HA.com/IP Everything can't be a six-figure deal, so simply ahead and send names esteemed under $50,000 in the event that they are perfect for our purchasers. Bland words and short .com names are what we've sold as of late both openly and secretly.

A couple area contributing (and accommodation) tips:

1. A typical two word phrase, transposed in the wrong request, has right around zero business esteem.

CommercialLoans.com would have esteem. Be that as it may, LoansCommercial.com has for all intents and purposes zero secondary selling esteem.

Our purchasers are not perfect for these.

2. As of late enlisted space names have next to no secondary selling esteem.

In the event that you enlisted an area name a week ago for $10, the odds of flipping that name for a huge return are little.

Kindly don't send us new enlistments.

3. Names with hyphens, superfluous numbers or peculiar spellings are almost difficult to offer. I wouldn't purchase or submit names like purchase cars.com, house7.com or bizness.com.

These names have little reseller's exchange esteem.

4. Gain from the past. About the majority of the generally critical space deals have been short .com names.

Search for bland words, short acronyms or classification characterizing names.

.Com is top dog.

There have been some noteworthy deals in the new augmentations – however the supply is high and the interest (from end client organizations) is low. The new augmentations are intriguing, yet almost the greater part of the purchasers are different financial specialists.

5. Names with prefixes, similar to "i" or "e" aren't popular like they used to be.

Names with additions are all the more restricting also, by and large. Loan.com is a grand slam.

Loaning.com is more restricted.

Solitary forms of words such as Tie.com are flawless to mark almost anything.

Names like Ties.com are more constrained, as they must be utilized for ecommerce operations (much of the time). Ties.com is a classification characterizing name, it is still significant, yet it has a littler base of potential purchasers.

The particular rendition, tie.com, is an incredible non specific brand. This is the thing that our purchasers are looking for.

We will open online intermediary offering 3 weeks before the live closeout.

Not surprisingly, we attempt to restrict the sale to 30-40 names, altogether, so we have adequate time to market every name successfully. Along these lines, we are exceptionally specific on which names make it to our auction."""

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