Monday, October 5, 2015

Top 10 Email Marketing Strategies For Your Domain

The role of the email can never be over-emphasized in today’s world despite the craze for the social media. As a result of this, email marketing is very essential for your domain in order to boost its profitability. However, if you want to get the best result in email marketing, there are certain strategies that should be implemented and some of them are revealed in this piece. 

      1.   Formulate An Ideal Acquisition Strategy: Your list building strategy should be taken seriously. It is very important for you to consider various access platforms of the internet. You should make sure that your opt-in form works on mobile because majority of email users access their emails through mobile devices. 

  2.  Make Your Email Mobile-friendly: Since majority of emails are being opened on mobile devices, your email design and content should be simplified as much as possible. If you don’t optimize for mobile devices, you would discover that majority of the emails you sent to your prospects and customers are deleted immediately. 

  3.  Maintain A Reasonable Rhythm: For every marketing effort to be successful, it must be consistent. However, the consistency should not take your audience for granted. The frequency of the emails should be reasonable enough or else you stand a chance of losing a lot of subscriptions. You can increase the frequency of communication at the early stage of a relationship but this should be reduced with time. 

  4.   Personalize Your Messages: Personalized emails yield better results and personalizing has gone beyond just mentioning the name of the receiver in the message, but using many factors like browsing habit, demographics, purchase history, etc., to formulate dynamic contents. Coming up with dynamic contents will give you the opportunity to send different messages to different people based on who they are, what they like and how they are currently engaged with you. 

  5.  Remove Any Friction: Any brick wall that may stand in your marketing effort should be identified and dealt with from the onset. It is very important for you to ensure that your prospects are not burdened with too cumbersome account opening processes so that they don’t abandon them. You should also ensure that the website you are referring them to is mobile-friendly. 

  6.  Don’t Forget To Get Their Permissions: This is very important so that your messages are not regarded as spams. Email marketing is “permission marketing” and if you are able to get your prospects’ and/or customers’ permission, you are definitely going to get their attention at all times. Managing the relationship properly will determine the level of success that can be achieved. 

  7.  Encourage Sharing Via Email: Sharing shouldn’t be for social networks alone, encourage your audience to share valuable information through email. It is not possible to have everybody on the social media, hence, you should consider those who are not social freaks. 

  8.  Make Use Of Predictive Analytics: With both internal and external data sources, you can make use of advanced predictive analysis to anticipate customers’ needs. The use of predictive intelligence will give you the opportunity to discover the blend of content and offers that will most probably generate the best response. 

  9.      Use Video In Your Messages: In order to boost engagement and response rates, making use of videos in your messages is an ideal strategy. For simplicity, you are not going to email the actual video but a snapshot with a play-on button which will lead them to your site where the video is hosted. Generally, users would believe that once they click on the snapshot, the video will start playing, hence, you should activate the autoplay feature in order to meet their expectations. 

  10.  Be Dynamic: Consumers are fast changing the way they read and react to emails, hence, you must respond to these changes accordingly. Consumers now have many ways of accessing their emails – desktops, laptops, tablet devices and mobile phones. Consequently, you must be prepared to manage engagements with different access platforms in mind so as to get the best result.

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