Thursday, August 6, 2015

How You Can Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

Improving your search engine (SE) ranking will increase the number of visitors to your website. Google is the most popular SE in the world and if you know how to position your site for quality ranking by Google, your traffic situation will never be the same again. There are lots of factors considered by Google before ranking a web page and if you care to read on, you will discover them.

Quality Contents: Contents is king, hence, creating quality, original contents is very vital in boosting your ranking. You should not copy/paste from the web and contents of your pages must be distinct. Duplicating contents on your site is a sin according to Google and avoiding that sin is the beginning of wisdom. It is very important to make use of relevant keywords in your contents and this must be done reasonably. Keyword stuffing is also a sin, consequently, your keyword density should not be more than 4%. You should also incorporate images into your contents because they count. If you visit Google, you will discover that there is the image search section and this goes a long way to show how important images are in searches.

Backlink Strength: A link to your site is like a vote of support or rather a 'like', using the social media term. The more the number of quality links to your domain, the higher its ranking will be. Getting quality links is not a piece of cake, there are proven strategies that you can use and will not get you into any problem. Some of them are link exchange, article marketing, guest blogging, blog commenting, forum posting, just to mention a few. It is very important to avoid buying links because doing so can get you in the wrong books of search engines. Your links must come from relevant websites in order to have the desired weight and you should use your keywords as anchor texts (texts that carry the link) most times but not at all times.

Get Social: Social media engagements  affect search engine rankings these days. Due to the popularity of social networking in today's world, SE robots analyze the social media popularity and engagement of websites and use the metrics as part of their ranking parameters. Your website must be present on top social media sites and be engaging to fans, followers and friends. You should avoid spamming because it can irritate your fans and followers. Post stuffs that will be beneficial to them and they will be glad they are following you.

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