Monday, July 27, 2015

How To Host Your Domain Name For Free On Blogger

Yes, it is real! You can register '' and host it for free on blogger. If you want to reduce your expenses in your bid to launch your blog on the World Wide Web, you can buy a domain name from a reputable registrar and blogger will host it for you free of charge. is a free content management system (CMS) owned by Google and it provides free content management for bloggers. In addition, you can get a free domain from blogger apart from the free hosting but what you will get is a sub-domain, e.g '', which I consider to be unfit for online branding. As a result of this, it is advisable for you to register your domain, like '' and host it for free on blogger, if you can't afford hosting for now or you don't want to give yourself any headache about hosting.

Blogger is the only truly, dependable, free CMS I know since you don't need any other platform to use it like others. It doesn't come with all sorts of restrictions like strict advertising policy, rigid layouts and so on. You have the opportunity of choosing from a wide varieties of themes in order to make your blog appealing. The functionality of your blog can also be enhanced with many available widgets and you don't need to worry of content deletion once you don't run foul of simple guidelines such as posting hate speech, violent, crude or harassing contents, copyright infringement and so on.

Hosting your domain name for free on blogger is as simple as ABC. You only need to set up a blogger account (i.e, and then register a domain (i.e, Subsequently, you will need to log in to your blogger account and change the URL to your registered domain. Read the full process here.

$1/ mo Hosting + Free domain! Stick it to the doubters! Put your big idea online!

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