Monday, May 4, 2015

Why You Need Multiple Domain Names For One Website

Multiple domain name registration for one website is usually practiced by smart webmasters because of its many advantages. If you want to launch a business website and you don’t register multiple domains for it, you will be losing a lot of revenue to those who know how to exploit the cyber space. Let me get down to the details so that you will know what I’m talking about.

If for example, your business is cake baking and selling (to make the illustration simpler), you may consider registering a domain name like ‘’. During the process of registration, you will discover that some related names will be suggested to you for registration as well. It is very important for you to pick some of these names because of the many benefits therein which are about to be unveiled. In fact, you can get free domain name registration if you choose an annual web hosting plan during registration.

One of the benefits of multiple domain name registration is that it will not allow your competitors to register similar names which may draw customers to their websites instead of yours. For example, your competitors may register ‘’,’, ‘’, ‘’, etc, in order to create something similar to yours and benefit from your popularity. Imagine spending a lot of money and time on optimizing your website only for some smart guys to be reaping where they did not sow.

Furthermore, multiple domains will drive more traffic to your website since you will forward all these related names to your main website. Also, you will capture the misspellings of your name instead of driving visitors to someone else’s site or an error page. You will also give your customers more ways to find you online. For example, I use a lot and anytime I want to visit the site, I always type which takes me to the main site. If the company had not registered, I would have to be typing the long words anytime I want to visit the site which may not go down well with me at all times.

You can also use multiple domain names to promote different products and services. This will boost your income and give you the opportunity to protect your online identity. If you are registering a brand name, it is very essential for you to protect the name through multiple domain registration. Brand names, especially ones trademarked, should be adequately protected because the process of getting a trademark is costly and cumbersome. As a result of this, adequate provision should be made for protecting your trademark so that its online exploitation will be prevented. You will also create a dynamic online identity through multiple registrations which will eventually lead to more profitability for your business. 

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