Saturday, May 16, 2015

How You Can Create An Email Account For Your Own Domain Name

You have just registered your domain name but you are yet to make use of its associated customized emails - this piece is definitely for you. It is more professional for you to use your domain name email instead of the popular free email brands around, e.g. Yahoomail and Gmail. Once you are able to purchase a domain name, it shouldn't be difficult for you to use the email accounts associated with it.

If your domain name, for example, is '', it would be more professional if you have email addresses like '', '', '', etc, instead of '' or ''. You are even exposed to more flexibility but take note that some registrars will give you one free email with your domain purchase. You will have to cough out some dough for a web hosting service if you want more than one personalized, branded email accounts. If you purchase a web hosting service in addition to your domain name, some registrars will give you certain number of free email accounts in line with the type of hosting plan you purchase.

In addition, you can forward multiple email addresses to one email address thereby making your email management easier. In fact, you can forward your domain email address to popular free email brands (Yahoomail, Gmail) so that you will not need to change your email program. For example, if you forward '' to '', all emails sent to the former will also be sent to the latter. If you have 10 domain email addresses, you can forward all of them to one email address or forward each of them to a different email address.

Setting up an email account(s) for your domain is not rocket science. You only need to log in to your domain or web hosting account. You should go to the email section and click on 'email accounts'. Subsequently, you should enter the details for your new account and click 'create account'. A notification will then appear and it may read like this 'Success! Account Created' and the account will be displayed on the same page. If you want to apply forwarding, go to your Cpanel and click on 'forwarders' in the mail section. You should then click on 'add forwarder', fill all the details and then click 'add forwarder' again and you are good to go.

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