Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How To Boost Your Small Business With A Free Domain Name

As a small business owner, you will definitely want to improve your business and one of the ways of doing so is to make your presence felt online. Consequently, you will need to register a domain name and there are free domain names that can be exploited but you have to be smart because free stuffs on the internet must be adequately investigated in order not to make a wrong choice.

You should endeavor to choose a name that is related to your business and it must be as short as possible. Internet users prefer short names to long ones because the former will be easier for them to remember. You should not make the name unnecessarily long because you want to include all your keywords. This may reduce your click-through ratio and returning visits to your site.

Furthermore, you should go for a free domain name that is attached to a web hosting service and not the one that is free for a lifetime. Domains that are free for lifetime are sub-domains and not good for business because adverts can be placed indiscriminately on them by the owner or owners. Free domains that are attached to a web hosting service are only free for the first year and subject to renewal subsequently. This type of domain is your property and you can change web hosts as you like, which is not possible with a sub-domain.

Putting your business online will take it to the next level and registering a free domain name will reduce the amount of money you will spend for this purpose. But if you don't get a proper name and through the right process, you may end up worsening your business instead of improving it.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5 Mistakes You Should Not Make About Free Domain Names

If you don't want your sojourn on the World Wide Web to be a failure, there are some mistakes you should not make about free domain names. Five of these mistakes are treated in this piece and it is very important to take note of them with all seriousness.

1. Do not fall cheaply for sub-domains: Many webmasters give out sub-domains for free with the hope of getting their money back through the placement of adverts on the domain. If you are floating a business, this type of arrangement is not good for you.

2. Do not choose a domain that is free for life: We all love free stuffs but the bitter truth is that nothing is actually free. If you are offered a domain free of charge for life, you should investigate properly instead of jumping at the offer. A question that should come to your mind is 'how will they sustain the business when they are giving out things for free'.

3. Do not choose a domain that you won't have control of the DNS: If you are denied access to the DNS, it simply means that you are a temporary owner of the name. You cannot host it with the company of your choice and that is because you are not the one managing the domain.

4. Do not forget to test-run before optimizing: If you get a free domain, you should ensure that you make use of it for at least a month before optimizing for search engines. This will give you the opportunity to know the real features of what has been given to you and clarify issues before using it on a full scale level.

5. Do not fail to compare options: It is important to compare different options before making a choice. There are different types of free domain names and by comparing them, you will be able to come up with the right one that will take your business to the next level.

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Monday, December 29, 2014

How To Discover The Right Domain Name For Your Website

The first task you are faced with when setting up your website is to choose the right domain name. The name you choose is one of the factors that will determine the success of your website or otherwise. Consequently, you should put your head to extra work in order to choose a name that will make you succeed online.

It is very essential for you to research top keywords thoroughly and come up with the most rewarding ones that are related to your business. Your domain name should reflect your keywords and if the name has been taken, you can put hyphens between each word to make it unique. You can also make use of other extensions, apart from .com, such as .biz and .net. Although .com is the most popular extension in the world, having a .biz or .net as an extension will not reduce the rank of the site.

Furthermore, you should choose a domain name that is easy to type. People are always in a hurry these days and if you don't choose a name that can be spelt with ease, you may lose a lot of prospects who may type the wrong spelling on search engines and address bars of their browsers.

Besides, your name should be kept as short as possible. If you choose something that is too long, it may discourage your prospects and they may decide to go for your competitor with a shorter URL. Internet users love to deal with websites that they can easily remember the name, hence, they tend to favor sites with short names. You can take a closer look at successful websites on the internet, you will discover that their domain names are not unnecessarily long.

Another thing you must keep in mind is that you should avoid infringing on the copyright law when choosing a domain name. You should carry out your research properly so that you don't make use of a name that has a copyright protection. If you infringe on the copyright law and you are prosecuted, you may get more trouble than you bargain for.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Why You Must Be Careful With Free Domain Names

It is a great idea to make use of a free domain  name when setting up your new website but if you are not very careful with the type of deal you go for, you may later discover that you have made the wrong move. This is because there are many offers resembling free domain names but are actually not.

There are some free names that are not ideal for businesses except you want to use them for private purposes. Majority of them are sub-domains (e.g. '' which is quite different from '') and your prospects seeing that kind of a name may not take you serious.

In order to command respect from your prospects and even competitors, you should go for a top level domain (TLD) and you can even get it for free. What you need to do is to subscribe to a web hosting service that comes with a free domain. This way, you will be able to get two services at the price of one and you will also be able to exercise full control over the domain.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to create sub-domains if you care to do so. But if you get a sub-domain for free, even though it is going to be free for life, it cannot do the work of a real domain. In fact, you can decide to change your web host at any time, since you will have the full control of the domain. The layout of the site is also at your discretion and nobody can put unnecessary adverts on your web pages without your approval.

It is very important for you to investigate a free domain name offer very well so that you won't launch your online presence on a wrong platform. You must get it right initially or else you would waste resources and time.  If you are doubting any offer, you can get in touch with experts who will be able to shed more light on the issue and make the path easier for you to take.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

How To Create A Website Without Buying A Domain Name

If you desire to own a website, it is quite possible without spending a dime for a domain name. However, some free domain names are ideal for SEO purposes while some are not. As a result of this, there are two ways of creating a website without actually buying a domain name.

The first way is to get a sub-domain from a service provider. This type of a domain name is free for a lifetime but you will have to be prepared for massive adverts on your web pages and restrictions on domain management.

The second and most popular way is to get a free domain name through subscription to a web hosting service. By doing so, you will be given a free domain name which is renewable every year. Even though you have to renew the name every year, it is  much better than a sub-domain because of its SEO values. If you optimize a sub-domain for search engines, you are definitely working for someone else. Hence, it is better to have your own top level domain (TLD) and go ahead to optimize it as much as you like.

Optimizing a website for search engines is not a stroll in the park, it requires formulating strategies and adhering strictly to the laid down plans. You will have to build as many quality inbound links as possible in order to boost the popularity of the site. Once the popularity of the site receives a boost, its rank will move up and it will appear in good positions in search results. If the site then becomes popular and you are making use of a sub-domain, you may later regret working for somebody else (without pay, of course).

Consequently, it is very essential for you to know the type of domain name you are using to create your website in order to create the right one. You should have it at the back of your mind that you want to create a website with good SEO value and if you don't get it right at the beginning, you may have problems in the future.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What You Really Need To Know About Free Domain Names

Registering a domain name is the first step you need to take in order to put your business online. However, there are two options open to you - paid or free domain name - and there are advantages as well as disadvantages in both options but this piece will focus on the free option.

Free domain names are mostly used as promotional tools by web hosting service providers. If you subscribe to certain hosting plans (at least 12-month subscription in most cases), you will get a free domain. One benefit of a free domain is that it will reduce the amount of money you will require to set up a website. Even though the span of the free domain is generally one year, you would have gained a lot of ground before it lapses and renewal will not be a problem for you.

In addition, it is advisable for you to register additional names that are similar to the one you are registering so that your competitors and cyber squatters will not take advantage of it. For example, if your website is '', you should register other variations like '', '', etc.You only need to forward these variations to your main site and those who want to tap from your hard labor will not be able to do so.

You can also register other extensions of your name like .net and .biz because web squatters are are very smart at their games. That means you may need to register names like '', '', '', '', etc. You can imagine spending a lot of material and human resources to optimize a site and cyber squatters will be reaping from where they did not sow at your expense. Hence, you should formulate the right strategy to protect your domain name.

Free domain names are very vital to the growth of the World Wide Web and they have encouraged the launch of many websites. However, it is very important for you to carry out your search properly so that you don't go for a sub-domain. A real domain is quite different from a sub-domain and if you go for the latter, you may not be able to achieve your online goal because you do not have the full control of it. Even though a web hosting company will give you a free domain name for one year, it is better than a sub-domain that is flooded with adverts and pop-ups (this is expected since they are giving you a free domain for life).

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Why You Need A Free Domain Name

If you want to launch an online presence, you need a domain name and if you will like to reduce your expenses, you need a free domain name. There are many ways of getting a free name but the smartest way will be discussed in this piece.

The smartest way is to get a web hosting package that includes a free domain name from a reputable service provider. Generally, a hosting subscription of at least 12 months should come with a free name, but it is not a rule. If you carry out your research properly, you would discover service providers with packages containing free domains.

However, you should be careful with the free domains you want to get because they are not the same. There are some free domains that are sub-domains and this may not be good for you, especially if you are launching a business website. You should ensure that you are getting a top level domain (TLD) and your name is on the registar's record.

In addition, free domain names that come with web hosting subscriptions are easy to renew, especially if it is one company that is providing the two services. Domain names are renewable every year and when you get the first year for free, the money saved will be used to further boost your business in other areas. You will also have the opportunity to optimize your website to industry's standard due to the reduction in your expenses.

A free domain  name you get from subscribing to a web hosting service is more reliable than others because you will have access to the DNS which is an indication that you own the name. This is very much different from a sub-domain which you don't have full control of and may be taken from you at anytime or flooded with adverts. As a result of this, it is ideal to get a free domain  name  through the smartest way - a free domain attached a web hosting service.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Free Domain Names - How To Strike A Great Deal

Getting a free domain name is  now as easy as ABC, but you need to know the tricks of the game so as to get the best deal. There are various offers online and the most popular one is the one that goes with a web hosting package.

A lot of hosting companies will give you a free domain if you subscribe to any of their hosting plans. However, it is essential for you to find out the terms of an offer before going for it. There are different types of hosting plans and the one you choose will determine whether you will get a free domain or not.

Majority of web hosting providers require a minimum of 12-month hosting subscription in order to qualify for a free name. You may also be given the opportunity to create multiple sub-domains which will go a long way in putting you ahead online. The free domain name may also come with the DNS management tool so that you will have full control over it.

In addition, you should find out the features of the email account that will be given to you. You need to know the number of email addresses you can create and other features of the email account like auto-responder, email forwarding, fraud, virus and spam protection, just to mention a few.

Moreover, if you go for a hosting plan that is more than 1 year, you will get more incentive which you can use to boost your business. You should also find out the bandwidth that will be given to you because it determines the number of visitors your website will be able to accommodate. The higher the amount of bandwidth, the higher the number of visitors your website can accommodate.

It is interesting to note that free domain names are very easy to get these days but as an entrepreneur, you should weigh options before making a decision. Your major aim is to boost your business with an online presence and you should endeavor not to settle for less because the internet world is highly competitive.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Difference Between Paid and Free Domain Names

If you are a start-up small business owner and you need an online presence, you would probably be thinking of getting a free domain name. The reason for this is not far-fetched - you would like to reduce your expenses as much as possible. However, it is very important for you to know how paid and free names differ so that you will not have much problem in making the best decision.

One of the differences between paid and free domain names is the domain address. Some free domain providers will include their companies' names in the URL that will be given to you. For example, if the company's URL is '', you will be given a name like '' and this may not be too good for the professional image of your business. On the other hand, if you pay for a name, you will be given a personalized name like '' which will give your business the right image it deserves.

Furthermore, some free domains come with few management tools while you have access to full features with a paid version. This will give you the opportunity to maximize the potential of your website and develop it to your taste as well as industry's standard. A properly developed website will rank well on search engines thereby pulling traffic that will lead to the generation of tremendous income for you.

In addition, the type of customer support you will get from a free service will be different from a paid one. The point here is not that free domain name owners will not get support service but it will never be comparable to what paid customers will get.

Also, if you have a paid domain name, you would be able to create different sub-domains which may not be possible with a free name.  There are also free emails that come paid domains and you can move from one host to another, but with the free option, these benefits may not be available for you.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Free Domain Names - Why You Must Read Beyond The Lines

Free stuffs are very common on the internet and free domain names are no exceptions. Free domains are majorly used by web hosting companies as marketing strategies to pull more sales. They are also used by online advertising agencies to display adverts. Hence, you need to study an offer very well before making any commitment.

Due to the urges in many of us to get free stuffs, especially ones creatively advertised, we do not bother to go through the terms and conditions of various offers. But in reality, there are more to free offers than meet the eyes. Consequently, you should take your time to go through the terms and conditions of a free domain name offer so that you won't regret at the end.

One important issue you need to get clarification on is the ownership of the name. A domain name is like a landed property while a hosting service is like the structure that will be put on it. If you are buying a property and the land papers are not part of the documents you received, you have not bought any property. Therefore, it is important for you to find out the name that will appear on the registrar's record as the owner of the site. If it is not going to be your name, then you don't have a website. What is the essence of a free stuff that will be snatched away from you at anytime you do not expect. But if it is your name that will appear on the register, you have nothing to worry about.

Furthermore, you should seek information about the renewal fee of the domain name. It should be reasonable in comparison to others. Many free names promoters hike renewal fees in order to charge back at customers. Others will charge higher hosting rates so as to make up for the free offers. It is your responsibility to get as many information as possible so that you will be able to make the right decision that will make your online exploits a success.

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Are Free Domain Names Dependable?

Many web hosting companies will give you free domain names when you purchase web hosting plans from them. The plans vary from one year, two years to three years and the higher the number of years you go for, the cheaper the monthly hosting fee will be. But are these free domains really dependable? You only need to read on to discover.

If you are given a free domain name as an incentive for purchasing a hosting plan, you will pay a higher fee to renew the name compared to buying it. In addition, you may find it difficult to transfer the name to another hosting service provider if you are no longer interested in the service.You may also be given access to few domain management tools which may not be fit for your need.

As a result of this, free domain names may not be dependable and it is advisable to get a paid name (after all, it is not expensive). You may even be given a discount if you know how to smartly surf around the web. With a paid name, you will have an absolute control over it and all the domain management features will be at your disposal.

When choosing a name, you should ensure that you choose one that is search-engine friendly. Remember that without search engines, your website will not be known to the world. Pick a name that is relevant to your keywords or line of business. Your name should also be easy to pronounce and it should not be too long or else, your potential clients will be having difficulties in pronouncing it.

The need for a domain name to be dependable cannot be overemphasized, hence, a paid name should be favored above a free one in order to ensure that your online presence is  a success. You wouldn't want to launch a failed online business because of a free stuff.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

What Free Domain Names May Not Do For You

It is possible to register free domain names these days but you need to know what is in stock for you before making a decision.There are different types of free domain names and some of them will be discussed in this piece.

Some free domain names are sub-domains, for example, if I register a name like '' and I want to give out free names, my subscribers will get sub-domains like '', '', etc. In addition, my subscribers will have less control over the websites and can only use the domain management and web design features I enable. That means, I have total control over the layout of the site and can decide to place adverts on any part of each of the pages. Consequently, your chances of making money with the site will be greatly reduced if not totally eliminated.

Moreover, there are free names that are not sub-domains but their extensions are not popular (e.g. .cf, .ga, .gq, .ml, .tk. etc). You can get any of them for free but in most cases, you have to host at a higher rate compared to paid domains. In addition, you will have access to few domain management functionalities which may not be good enough for you. If your aim is to launch a business website, it is advisable to think twice on free domain names, after all, in Freetown, everything is not free.

Since registering a domain name is not that expensive, your business will have more professional look if you make use of a paid name than a free one. But if you cannot really afford a paid one, it is better to go for a free one than do nothing about your business ambition. You only need to weigh the options very well and come up with the best strategy that will make your online presence successful.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Why Domain Names Are Very Crucial For Your Business

One of the easiest ways of actualizing your dream of an online presence is to work with your own domain name. If your business is a small business or you are just starting out, it is of utmost importance to you because there are many advantages that can be derived from having your own name.

Firstly, it will give your business a professional appearance thereby allowing more visitors to have access to what you have to offer. If you spend quality time to design your website and make it easily navigable, visitors will have good experience browsing it and this will boost your click-through ratio which will in turn lead to more sales.

Secondly, when you make use of a good domain name, it will be easier for prospects to remember thereby leading to more return visits. Once they can easily remember your domain name, they will easily find you again whenever they are ready to purchase or do business with you. Take note that some people require a lot of time before they can come back for a purchase, as a result of this, having a good name - even a free domain name - can be of great advantage for you.

Furthermore, you will have a true web presence which will give you the opportunity to promote your business to its full potential. With a good design from a top developer, essential marketing tools, can be included. For example, a contact list can be included which will assist you in following up visitors.

You also have the opportunity to promote many products or services from one point and you will have a professional email address that will boost your online image. It is very easy to get domain names these days as there are many registrars offering various packages. You can even register free domains with some of them which will give you the opportunity to expose your business at no cost.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

How You Can Register Free Domains

In order to get your business online, you need a domain name. There are two ways of getting a domain name - free or paid. If you can afford a yearly fee, going for the paid option is most ideal but if you can't, your best bet is the free option.

This piece will show you how to register free domains but before that is done, let us get down to the basics. What is a domain name? A domain name is a special text URL that uniquely references your website, e.g The agency responsible for registration is the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers Authority (ICANN) and it has licensed registrars that act on its behalf. If you want to register a domain name, you have to contact one of these registrars.

The question at this point is that how can you get a free domain name? There are many domain extensions that are offered for free, for example, .cf, .ml, .tk and so on. You can also go for sub domains like but there are limitations in free domains compared to paid ones. For example, there may be limit to the number of file space that will be given to you compared to the paid option. If you are a newbie online, the non-paid option is not bad for you until you become an expert. But if you really want an interesting experience online, it is better to go for a paid domain name.

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