How To Succeed Trading Domain Names

My name is Olushola George Otenaike ( and I started online business in 1999. One of the ways I make money online is by buying and selling domain names and I have been doing so since 2010. I started the business with $100 and built my domain portfolio little by little.

Some of my past sales include, sold for $61 at flippa (click here for proof),, sold for  $316 at flippa (click here for proof), sold for $450 at flippa (click here for proof),, sold for $6,000 at godaddy  and bought for a little over $200 (click here for proof) & so on. I have sold many other domains and have many of them in my portfolio for sale right now.

Domain trading describes the activities associated with buying and selling domain names. The most expensive domain name was sold in 2019 for $30 million (, while was sold for $17 million in 2015, was sold for $16 million in 2009 and was sold for $13 million in 2010, (click here for proof). It will interest you to note that these domain names were sold without any website developed on them.

Domain trading is a billion dollar industry with the big market players having extremely high capital investment and thereby gaining a lot of advantages. This is a business that has produced many rags to riches stories for the internet to tell. Many people have actually become rich overnight buying and selling domain names.

As a result of this, I have written a 31-page ebook titled 'How to Succeed in Domain Trading' sharing my personal experience so that you too can take advantage of the business and succeed. This ebook is easy to digest and will help you to increase your streams of income so that you will be able to achieve more on earth. I will also be available to answer all your questions and guide you to start the business after you have read the ebook.

Here are the contents of the ebook:

(1) Introduction To Domain Trading

(2) How To Buy Marketable Domain Names

(3) How To Sell Domain Names For Profit

(4) Tools For Domain Trading

(5) 14 Tools A Serious Domainer Must Have

(6) How To Avoid Mistakes That Newbies Make

(7) Domaining The Chinese Way

(8) Factors To Consider Before Buying A Domain Name

(9) How To Start The Business With Just $50 and Succeed

(10) How To Buy & Sell Numeric Names

(11) Strategies of Buying Expired Domain Names

(12) How To Sell On Multiple Platforms Without Being Banned

(13) How To Avoid Trademark Issues

(14) How To Buy .com Domain Name For $1.17

(15) How To Handle Private Domain Sales

(16) Best Platforms To Sell Your Domain Names

(17) Which Domains To Buy and Sell Quickly For A Minimum 200% Profit

(18) How To Take Advantage of Liquid Domains

(19) My Personal Domaining Secret - How I Buy & Sell Domain Names For Profit

Plus more.

Moneyback Guarantee

This ebook is covered by a 30-day moneyback guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Price of The Ebook

The price of the ebook is N3,500 but you will pay N500 if you purchase it this week. After this week, it will jump back to N3,500 (and I really mean it).

How To Buy The Ebook

Click HERE to use Paystack to get the ebook. After successful payment, the ebook will load on your browser and you should download it instantly.

For more information, you can get in touch with me through or 08156217344.

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