Friday, August 5, 2016


A friend introduced me to this website and the deal is that for every visitor sent to their site through a link given to you, they will pay you $10 in addition to a $25 one-time sign up bonus. It sounded too-good-to-be-true to me but as an experienced online marketer, I know of Google keywords that are worth $10 per click and more, hence, I decided to investigate.

I registered with, got a referral link and within one week referred more than 3,000 people to the website. If my mathematics is very good, my commission should be more than $30,000 but I only saw $1,000+ in my account with them. Furthermore, the minimum payout amount, according to them, is $300 and since I have already surpassed that amount, I am due for payment. But when I wanted to withdraw my commission (the $1,000+), they said I should fill a survey, which I did, yet I was not able to withdraw. I sent a mail to them, via, but got no response after one week. 

Consequently, my conclusion about is that it is a scam and should be stayed away from. It will waste your time, energy and resources. If you are one of those I referred to the website, take it as part of your contribution to this investigation because if I don’t reach their minimum payout amount, I won’t be able to discover that their program is a scam.

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