Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fake crusade sites like trap guests

Jon Hamel of Reno messaged in a news tip: "Go to and see what happens . . ."

It takes you to a site page saying "Bolster President Obama. Migration change now!"

This is an exemplary illustration of the online sidetrack where blackguards purchase web areas to disturb individuals. For a considerable length of time, diverted to a Donald Trump crusade site. With Bush tolerantly pulling back from the race, the site is presently accessible for anybody to buy.

A lot of different diverting or horrible crusade sites are sitting tight to unsuspecting surfers.

For the Democrats, goes to a site that resembles the Huffington Post with a huge feature declaring "Hillary's sexual orientation creations." Meanwhile, sidetracks to Trump's official battle site.

The site requests that guests vote between Bernie Sanders and Bernie Lomax, the dead official from the film "Weekend at Bernie's." as of now diverts to Donald Trump's Wikipedia page.

In the event that you visit, you'll be taken to a Canadian government page on the best way to move to Canada. (Cruz was conceived in Canada.) Previously, the site had diverted to President Obama's site for the Affordable Care Act. It likewise had diverted a month ago to the Human Rights Campaign's site, which had an article about Cruz's "assault on transgender schoolchildren."

Here and there these area names are gobbled up with the aim of offering them at a benefit. For instance, barters at the space site GoDaddy list with a "purchase now" cost of $295,000 and the idealistic for $275,000.

A standout amongst the most mainstream parody destinations is, with more than 71 million perspectives. Guests can tap on a trumpet to blow Trump's hair.

We would suggest writing in blends of hopeful names with words like "choose" and "president" however simply sent us to a phishing site so be careful.

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