Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The current week's new TLDs: 3 more from XYZ

New top level domain name organization XYZ LLC discharges three new space names this week.

On Wednesday, the organization will dispatch .Security, .Protection and .Theater by and large accessibility. The organization didn't initially apply for these names; it obtained them from different organizations.

Taking after on XYZ's late .auto, .autos and .auto discharges, the organization is taking a premium-evaluating way to deal with these dispatches. Hope to pay $2,000+ for .security and .assurance spaces, and about $600 for .theater.

This methodology bodes well for .security and .assurance, however I'm not certain how it will do with .theater. Obviously, a registry can simply bring down costs later.

Additionally on tap this Wednesday are .wine and .vin, which entered Early Access a week ago and return to standard evaluating of about $50/year this week.

The .Cloud space name enters landrush today.

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