Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Clickers Beware: "CrashSafari" Links Can Kill Your iPhone

Pranksters on the social web are sending individuals to a site that makes smartphones crash — so you might need to hold off on clicking or tapping arbitrary connections today, NBC News reports.

Try not to stress, it isn't some basic bug that Apple or Google needs to fix — it's simply customary site page segments utilized noxiously to over-burden pretty much any program.

The site, (and — obviously, don't visit either), adds numbers to the location bar as quick as possible —, then/01, then/012,/0123, and in the long run/0123456789101112131415... etc. Every time it includes a number, that page is spared to your history — and it includes quick.

How your program history will take care of going by Crashsafari. This rundown continues for some, numerous pages. Devin Coldewey/NBC News

This history and URL over-burden drives portable programs to crash and desktop ones to hang (You ought to still have the capacity to constrain quit the application in the event that it's slowing down). "What were you expecting?" peruses the main content on the page.

Tapping on the detestable connection could result to a noteworthy irritation — unsaved information could be lost — yet it's unrealistic to create any enduring harm to your gadget.

The bug is old, yet the joke is new, so practice alert in taking after connections until the jokers in your online associate feel burnt out on sending companions' telephones into death spirals. Like some other joke interface (a "Rickroll," for instance), this one might be masked with a URL shortener like or bitly.

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