Thursday, November 19, 2015

How You Can Reserve A Domain Name For Future Use

You can register a domain name or (domain names) and reserve it for future. This means that you can defer web hosting till the time you are ready to build a website. While the registration of the name guarantees you an address on the web space, web hosting provides all the functionalities of building a sustainable site. So, it is possible for you to secure an address on the web space now and leave its development to a later date in accordance with internationally recognized best practice.

If you are not ready to make use of your domain name right now, you only need to register it with a reputable registrar and go no step further. If anyone types the name into a browser, it would indicate that the website does not exist and that’s because you have not hosted it. But if you search for the name with any of the registrars, it would indicate that it has been registered. If you want the domain to display something, you can park it with any service provider of your choice, in fact, there are many free parking services around. Domain parking means that a placeholder will be enabled for your domain which will indicate its status, e.g. “this site is under construction”, “this site is for sale”, etc. Some registrars will automatically park your domain when you register with them.

Furthermore, it is very important for you to note that domain name registration is renewable depending on the plan you go for. There is the annual plan, 2-year plan, 3-year plan, 4-year plan, 5-year plan and so on. The higher the plan you choose, the easier it will be for you to hold on to a name in this competitive world and you should not allow it to expire (or ‘drop’ according to technical term) before renewal. Some people love to buy expired domains because of their age advantages.

Apart from reserving a name for future use, you can register multiple names and decide not to develop them at all. This can be done in order to protect a certain site (or sites) online. You can register variations of your name and point them to your major domain so as to prevent cybersquatters from taking advantage of it. It is very important for you to protect your domain and that is why experienced webmasters are involved in multiple registrations. If you register ‘’ for example, you need to register ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, etc., because of cybersquatters. You only need to point or redirect these variations to the main domain – in this case, ‘’.

In addition, you can register a domain and reserve it for sale in future. Buying and selling of domain names is a lucrative business and experts in this business can hold on to names for as many years as possible until the right people that can buy at their preferred prices show up. Consequently, names that were registered or bought for few tens or hundreds of dollars may be sold for hundred thousands of dollars. If you know how to discover hot domains and play the waiting game appropriately, you will be able to make a lot of money in the business. 

It is very important for you to park the domains you want to re-sell so that they won’t be blank and most times, a placeholder indicating that the domain is for sale can be very beneficial. It is a common practice for potential buyers to visit the website they want to purchase prior to making enquiries and if they find a page on the domain indicating that it is for sale, they would be more encouraged to go on with the deal. If you don’t reserve a name for future use, when you are ready to use it, it may not be available, and if it is available, you may have to pay through your nose in order to get it which may not be a sweet experience for you.

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