Monday, September 28, 2015

Why A Small Business Owner Should Have A Website

Your small business can grow into a big one if you really desire it. Coming up with a strategic developmental plan is very vital in taking your business from its present level to the next. One vital ingredient of a sustainable developmental plan is to make your presence felt online. Having an internet domain, or rather, a website for your business will guarantee a speedy growth and the following reasons will prove my point.

24/7 Access To Your Business: With a properly built website, your customers will have access to your business anytime of the day, whether you are sleeping or having a vacation in Puerto Rico. This means that your customers, and even prospects, can have access to information about your business at their own convenient time and not your own convenient time (opening hours). Even on public holidays as well as weekends, access to your business is always granted.

Boost Your Customer Base: Since your site can be reached from any part of the world, your customer base would be broadened. Even if you are involved in a local business, a lot of people in your locality will consult the internet before taking many purchasing decisions. Hence, it is not only those involved in statewide, nationwide or worldwide businesses that require websites.

Improve Customer Service Through Feedbacks: The internet is interactive unlike the traditional media and this makes it easy for you to get feedbacks from customers which will be used to improve your service. You can provide comment section on your website where your customers can give their opinions about your service. You can also conduct online surveys to get adequate information about your customers and how to satisfy them better.

Improve Your Professional Image: When you add your domain name ( to your business card, stationery and advertising materials, you will attract more attention and people will appreciate your level of seriousness. A well designed site makes you feel bigger than you are and attract high net-worth individuals to do business with you. An email address connected to your site (e.g. is also an image booster for you instead of the free email address that promote other companies (e.g.

Build Reputation With Prospects: Since your potential customers do not have any familiarity with your company, your website gives you a platform to showcase your accomplishments. By displaying the portfolio of your past work, customer testimonials, employee photographs and so on, you are gradually building trust and confidence with your prospective customers.

Cheaper Advertising: Online advertising is very cheaper compared to traditional forms of advertising. A brochure on your site that the whole world will see won't cost you much and you don't need the headache of reprinting or redistribution. You can make changes or upgrades to the brochure at anytime without fear of total reproduction. Even if you want to advertise your website on popular sites like Google or Facebook, you don't need to break a bank to do so. There are flexible online advertising plans like pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-thousand impression (PPM), etc, and you can choose the amount you are willing to pay.

Stay Competitive: If you allow your competitors to get a website before you do so, you may find it difficult to catch up with them. On the other hand, if they have already gotten a site before you do so, you can outsmart them by analyzing their sites' online ratings and beat them. We are now in the information age and only those who play along that line will survive in this highly competitive world.

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