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How To Build Quality Safe Links To Your Website

For your website to succeed on the World Wide Web, it must be visible to search engines (SEs) so that it can show up in good positions on their search results. Search engine (SE) traffic cannot be overlooked because of its high earning per click (EPC) and conversion rate. That is why experienced webmasters are involved in search engine optimization (SEO) in order to boost the page ranking (PR) of their websites and be more visible to SEs. One of the top SEO strategies is link building and according to Google, a link to your web page is a vote of support for it  and the higher the quality of the links, the better the ranking of your website will be and the better it will show up in search results. However, you need to follow safe techniques when building links to your site so that you don't get penalized by SEs and you will discover these techniques if you read on.

Do Not Spam: In times past, webmasters were of the habit of submitting their links to thousands of article directories, web directories, press releases and so on. With Google's Penguin, it is no more safe to do such things in order to avoid being penalized. The safe way to do it now is to submit your articles as well as links to few directories with high page rankings and you should not submit one article to multiple directories. It is very important for you to make use of article directories that manually approve contents and software for article submission should be avoided.

Do Not Be Involved In Anchor Tag Spam: If you use the same anchor tag on thousands of websites, it would be seen as as spamming by SE robots and your website may be penalized for it. Consequently, you should make use of different anchor tags on different websites in order to make it look natural because only natural organic link can boost your ranking.

Earn Links: Earning links means posting good contents on your website or blog so that a lot of people will love to link to them. Be original, write what has never been written before, carry out an in-depth research, help people with your write-ups and before you know it, you would have earned a lot of natural links. You can also earn natural links by promoting your contents to the right people especially those who have a track record of covering information related to your post.

Get Links From High PR Social Media Sites: Profile pages on top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc, are good sources of natural safe links. You only need to create user profiles on them and add links to your homepage. Regular social media posting is also very effective in link building because SE robots monitor the social media very seriously these days. Try as much as possible to promote your posts regularly on the social media and leave links to your blog/website.

Guest Blogging Is Safe: Look for high PR blogs that are related to your keywords and propose to contribute to them. Your contributions should be of high quality so that top bloggers will be able to publish them. Guest blogging is very effective in giving you natural quality links especially if the blogs you want to contribute to are of high authority.

Blog Commenting Helps: Blog commenting may seem simple but it's not really so. For your comments to be published on high quality blogs, they must be of high quality and relevance. Look for related blogs of high quality and drop your comments there leaving links to your website. If they are published, you have succeeded in building quality links without much effort but with great sense.

Feature Others: By featuring others on your blog, you would be encouraging a lot of natural link flow. This is because those you featured would love to link to the page where they are featured and the feature can be in form of interviews, biographies, reviews and so on.

Connect With Social Media Influencers:  Find and connect with social media influencers in your niche so that you can be on their radar. You can use Followerwonk to discover influencers in your niche on Twitter and you stand a chance of getting many authority links through this singular effort.

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