Thursday, August 6, 2015

Top SEO Tools For A Profitable Website

Making use of the right SEO tools is very important in running a website that will make you to smile to the bank every month. The following SEO tools will help you build a great domain that will attract heavy traffic and subsequently, heavy profit.

Google Keyword Planner: This is used to search for new keywords and ad group ideas. It will also give you the opportunity to get search volume for a list of keywords in order to measure their popularity. Specifically, you can use it to get average monthly searches and the level of PPC competition of various keywords - low, medium, or high. Google keyword planner is very essential in helping you to choose keywords with high search volume but low competition and be able to pick long-tail keywords which are mostly used by searchers.

Squirrly: This is a WordPress SEO plugin for keyword research right in your post editor. It helps you to discover the best keywords for your articles and finds keywords used by your competitors in addition to showing you phrases that are trending.

Google Analytics: This is used to carry out a detailed traffic analysis of your website. Consequently, you will be able to know the contents of your blog that are most read and work harder to improve them. You will also get information on your site visitors' demographics, location, behavior and so on.

Quick Sprout: Quick Sprout will mainly show you the results for SEO and site speed for any website. It has a social media analysis feature which you can use to monitor the performance of the contents of your competitors. This feature will show you the contents that are mostly shared socially and this will give you an insight into where to expend your energy. This is a free keyword tool that lets you know what people are searching for on Google. It makes use of Google's Autocomplete to provide users with top keyword ideas by producing over 750 long-tail keyword suggestions. You can also export the data to a spreadsheet so that you can examine and further categorize it.

Google Trends: If you want to know the popularity of a given search term over a period of time, Google Trends is ideal for you. It will show you how people are often searching for a keyword and where they are searching from. This tool will assist you in staying ahead of competition. You will be able to use the keywords that are perfect for your content strategy and the ideal region to target. There are many search-related features in Google Trends like trending on searches, trending on YouTube, Top Charts, Explore and so on. You will also see events and topics that are trending at certain times of the year so that it will be easier for you to create a yearly editorial calendar for your content marketing campaign.

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