Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How To Really Boost Traffic To Your Website

Your website needs traffic to survive online and there are many ways of getting it. In this piece, I will share some proven, effective methods that can boost the number of visitors to your website every month.

Take On-Page SEO Seriously: It is very essential for you to optimize your contents for search engines. Traffic from search engines (SE) remains your best bet because of its high volume and conversion rate. As a result of this, you should give top priority to on-page SEO tactics like meta description, internal links, keyword targeting, etc. However, you should avoid keyword stuffing as much as possible so that your site is not punished by the search engines, especially 'the almighty' Google.

Don't Forget Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO is very important because search engines consider it when ranking websites. You should get backlinks from websites with good page ranking (PR), post regularly on top social media sites so that your PR will go up in order for your traffic to increase.

Consider Paid Advertising: If you can afford it, you can consider advertising on search engines, social media sites as well as other websites and this will guarantee instant traffic for you. There are different advertising plans like pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-impression (PPM) and so on. Your budget will determine your choice and advertising strategy.

Be Active On The Social Media: If your website does not have a blog, create one and start promoting your contents on the social media. Social media engagement is a very powerful way of boosting traffic to your site since majority of internet users cannot do without visiting their social media pages everyday. In addition to regular posting, you should actively participate in community activities. You can join discussion groups of interest and take part in discussions, like posts, favorite tweets, re-tweet, answer questions, comment on posts and so on.

Don't Forget Email Marketing: The traditional email marketing is still relevant in today's world. We all have emails and probably check them everyday despite the advent of the social media. Consequently, you should make use of the right email marketing tactics to increase traffic to your site - include an opt-in list on your site and blog, send mails about new contents, products or services, avoid spamming, etc.

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