Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Understanding Security Issues For Your Domain Names

Your domain names require the best security you can ever think of because if this is compromised, your business will be exposed to a higher degree of risk. There are many security risks that may face your domains and some of them are discussed below and solutions proffered.

If your domain name is compromised when it comes to security, it would land into the hands of a hijacker who may redirect your users to a page where negative marketing of your company is carried out. The hijacker may also redirect your visitors to a page that looks like yours where sensitive data of your customers will be harvested. He may also launch a denial-of-service attack (DoS) which makes your DNS (domain name system) service unavailable and the implication of this is that your website will go offline which will have an adverse effect on your business and search engine ranking.

What Should You DO?

One of the ways to protect your  domain is to lock it with your registrar. In order to confirm whether it is locked, you should check your Whois record and the status of your domain will be displayed - whether it is locked or not. Locking it will definitely prevent unnecessary and unauthorized transfer of the domain. You should also endeavor to use a strong password that cannot be cracked easily and if necessary, you should use a two-level authentication method to gain access to your DNS.

Additionally, you should check your DNS records from time to time in order to be sure that it has not been tampered with and your critical services should also be properly monitored. You should also lower your time-to-live (TTL) settings to 5 minutes (300 secs) so as to be able to quickly redirect your traffic in case you come under any attack and you need a quick protection. You should also carefully protect your email's password (the email you used to register your domain) because if it is hacked, sensitive emails relating to your domain name may be accessed which in turn may lead to its hijack. If you have a domain account with more than one registrar, it is advisable for you not to use the same username as well as password for all the accounts so that if one is compromised, you will not have to worry about others and your record of usernames as well as passwords should be properly kept.

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