Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Top Domain Name Tips For A Start-up Blogger

Starting up your blog with your own domain name instead of using a free platform is a good thing to do. You will be able to build credibility and a sense of professionalism around it. In addition, you can create a brand and promote it on the World Wide Web without much difficulty. However, in order to succeed as a start-up blogger, there are some factors you need to consider when contemplating on the perfect name to use for your blog.

The goals and objectives of your blog will go a long way in determining how to name it. The topic, style, tone, target audience and so on should be put into consideration. For example, the strategy for naming a blog targeting young people will be different from the one targeting professionals. Most of the times, the topic of a blog is reflected in in its name and this is aimed at boosting its search engine ranking as well as make it easy for visitors/readers to find.

Furthermore, it is very important to be specific about registering a keyword-based domain or a brand-able one or both. Choosing a keyword-based domain is good for SEO (search engine optimization) and communicates your blog's theme to readers quickly. On the other hand, you can brand your domain in order to create a lasting impression with your readers and as a result, have loyal readers. If you are very creative, you can use both methods in your naming process and you will stand out among competitors in your niche.

You also need to think of the future when naming your blog. Even though the future may not be ours to see most of the times, it is important to think ahead of time. It is advisable to avoid names and topics that may not be relevant in future so that your site is not rendered useless in time. You should also consider if you want to use a domain for one blog or multiple blogs and this will have an effect on your naming strategy. If you will be using a domain for multiple blogs, you should choose a name that is easily adaptable in other to accommodate all the blogs.

Other factors to consider are the name length, domain extension, trademark and domain security. As much as possible, you should try to choose short words (not more than four) and if possible, avoid hyphens so that it will be easy for people to remember the name. As regards domain extension, the .com is the most popular (and of course the costliest at the secondary market), but that does not mean that the .net, .org, .info, and even the new extensions like .photography, .band, etc, are not good. You should avoid trademarked names in order not to get yourself into any legal mess. As a form domain security, you should register multiple, related domains for your blog in order to prevent cybersquatting which is capable of reducing traffic to your site.

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