Friday, July 31, 2015

Have You Registered Your Personal Name's Domain?

Getting a URL ( for your name is an ideal thing to do in today's digital world. Having an ideal online presence is not restricted to businesses alone, individuals can go a step further beyond social media pages and register their name's domains which are their online properties. Personal branding is much more important today than before and without a website, there is a limit to what you can achieve in personal branding. You don't need to be popular before owning your name's domain because if you wait till then, someone else may register it, especially the .com extension which is highly sought after.

There are lots of benefits in getting a URL for your name and some of them will be revealed in this piece. There is no better way to boost your online branding than owning your name's domain. It will contain your biography, resume, portfolio and the likes so that you will not rely only on social media sites. However, if you are not capable of developing the site after registering it, you can point it to one of your pages on the social media sites pending the time you will develop it.

In addition, when your name's search is carried out on any of the popular search engines, your URL will be the number one because it will be the exact match for the search. Your pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc are sub-domains, hence, they will be treated as such by search engines but when you have your own domain, it will be treated as a top-level domain (TLD). Your URL will be ranked number one in search results of your name and this will boost your online image tremendously.

Furthermore, if you don't want to pay heavily for the URL in future, it is better to get it registered now. There are those who speculate with domain names and they are called domainers. What they do is to buy domain names, keep them if necessary, and resell them at higher prices. A popular politician in the United States, Rand Paul, paid $100,980 for because it had been registered by another person and the owner of the domain at that time could only release it for that price (take note that domain name registration costs only about $10). In fact, registering domains for your children is a perfect way to ensure that they don't pay high prices for them in future.

Even though the .com domain extension is the most popular, if you are not lucky with the .com, you can go for the .org, .info, .net, .me and so on. You only need to ensure that the extension you want to use will be applicable in boosting your personal brand on the World Wide Web. If you are lucky enough to get the .com of your name, you should also register it in the .org, .net, .me and .info extensions so that you will block any other person from registering it and this will enhance your image on the internet (world's meeting point). This does not mean that you will develop a website for each extension but point the .org, .net, .me and .info to your main site,

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