Monday, June 1, 2015

Should You Choose A Free Domain Name Registration?

When registering a domain name, there are two options available to you - free or paid registration. Free registration comes in many forms and this piece intends to look at some of them.

There are free domains for a lifetime - that is, you are not going to pay a dime for your entire lifetime. Majority of them are sub-domains with features that are incomparable to top-level domains. There may be restrictions in DNS management, bandwidth usage, file storage, website building and so on. For the records, it is not possible to create customized emails with this type of web space. If you want to publish online for fun or for certain groups of audience, this type of space may be good for you.

 In addition, there are free unpopular domains like .tk, .ga, .ml, .cf and so on. They are also free for a lifetime except you are registering special names. The usage restriction here is not as pronounced as the sub-domains. You will have access to the DNS but you do not have a legal right over the domain, hence, you cannot transfer it to another person. If you check the WHOIS information, it will not contain yours but that of the company that gave you the free name or its subsidiary. Invariably, you are leasing the web space and since you are not the legal owner, there is a limit to what you can do with it.

You can also get a free top-level (TLD) like .com, .net, .info, .org, etc. However, due to high demand for TLDs, especially .com, registering them for free may not be totally possible. But some registrars who are also involved in web hosting services give out free TLDs to their customers who purchase certain web hosting plans. Generally, if you buy a 12-month web hosting plan, you will get a free TLD with all its full features. There is no restriction like the ones mentioned above and you can do what you like with the domain name. It is important to note that TLDs are not free for life but only for the first year, subsequent renewals have to be paid for.

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