Friday, June 19, 2015

How You Can Prevent Domain Name Hijacking

Domain name hijacking is the same as domain theft and it is capable of affecting your online business negatively. This piece will guide you on how to prevent your domain from being stolen but if you are a victim already, you should contact you registrar and attorney, there is a process of getting it back. Meanwhile, here are top proven methods of preventing domain hijacking.

Do not use the same names and passwords: If you have accounts with more than one registrar, you should make sure that you use a distinct username and password on each account. This measure will make it difficult for someone to gain access to all your domain name systems (DNS).

Two levels of authentication: There are domain registrars who require two levels of authentication before you can gain access to your account. After login, you may be asked to answer a security question or an authentication code is sent to you and all of these are done to give double protection to your account.

Change your passwords regularly: By changing your passwords from time to time, you will reduce the risk of losing your domain to hijackers. Hackers are regularly at work stealing usernames and passwords, but if you don't stick to a particular password, you are a bit protected.

Secure the email on your Whois record: If hijackers are able to gain access to the email address on your Whois record, they may use that opportunity to take control of your domain. On the other hand, you can use Whois privacy to protect the email address - your registrar should be able to provide the service for you.

Transfer lock: Quite a number of domain name registrars offer additional lock services for their clients in order to prevent unauthorized transfers. This service may be free or at a premium and it requires the registrant to provide a special code or any other type of confirmation before initiating an outbound domain transfer.

Manage your DNS yourself: Right from the start, you should endeavor to register your domains and manage the DNS by yourself. If you delegate these duties to one of your employees, the security of your domain may not be guaranteed. Your employees can leave you at anytime and it is a possibility that anyone of them could decide to hijack your domain, hence, it is very important to personally handle the DNS management of your domain.

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