Monday, June 8, 2015

How You Can Buy An Already Registered Domain Name

Your choice domain name may have been registered by someone else and you really like the name.You need not worry because there are proven strategies of getting a registered domain back into your possession. Take note that these strategies work for sites that have not been developed, hence, it is important to check the status of a domain before going ahead with these strategies.

If you have confirmed that the domain is not in use (it may be parked, blank or temporarily redirected to another website), you can approach the secondary domain market. The secondary domain market is the place where registered domain names are sold. Examples of popular ones are Sedo, Godaddy, Flippa, DomainNameSales, MostWantedDomains, Namejet and so on. These websites display registered domains that are available for sale and there are those with 'buy it now' prices while there are those that are sold through auctions. You can visit any of these websites to read their rules and regulations in order to benefit from their offers.

On the other hand, you can use the service of a domain broker to get the name you want. Brokers are specialized in getting names for their clients, whether they are registered or not. They know where these names are and how to get them at competitive prices. This takes the burden of searching for the name and monitoring the transfer process from you.

You can also contact the owner of the domain by yourself through the WHOIS data obtainable online. If you are very lucky, you can seal the deal yourself and save a considerable amount of commission payable at the secondary market. However, this option will take up much of your time but it is by far the cheapest option.

In addition, you can contact a reputable registrar of your choice or the one you have dealt with before to buy a registered domain name. You may be lucky to get your choice name because some registrars have so many registered domains for sale in their portfolios. The bottom line is that you should search for a reputable registrar so that your effort will not be in vain.

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