Friday, June 19, 2015

How To Get The Best WordPress Hosting For Your Domain Name

If you purchase a domain name for the purpose of launching a blog, you may need a perfect WordPress hosting for proper content management. Almost all web hosting companies have easy 1-click install options for WordPress but you should consider your needs before choosing a WordPress hosting plan. In addition to this, you should consider speed, reliability and security as they will go a long way in making your sojourn on the World Wide Web interesting. There are different types of WordPress hosting and understanding each of them will assist you in determining the right one to choose.

Free WordPress Hosting: There are lots of free hosting providers online. What they do is to give you a small part of their server space and this space is often referred to as a sub-domain. The advantage of this type of arrangement is that you don't pay a dime to host your site. However, since it is free, you can't rule out certain disadvantages like file storage restrictions, indiscriminate placement of adverts on your site, not benefiting financially from adverts placed on your site, denial of access to DNS management, stoppage of the free service at anytime and so on.

Shared WordPress Hosting: Under this arrangement, a service provider puts many websites on one server so as to make the cost affordable to its customers. Since server resources are shared, they are allocated to each website in such a way that one site does not disrupt the activity of the server at the detriment of others. As a result of this, once your hosting needs surpass your allocated resources, you will be advised to upgrade your account.

WordPress VPS Hosting: VPS (virtual private server) is also a shared server but the partitioning is done in line with the need of each customer. Hence, the number of users sharing a server under this arrangement is relatively lower than the one discussed above. You will have the opportunity of running certain server software and have more control as if you are using a dedicated server.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting: If your website/blog receives a lot of traffic and you want to boost user-experience, you can lease a physical server from a web hosting company. This gives you a full control over the server and the opportunity to choose an operating system, hardware and so on. If you don't have any experience with servers or you don't employ a system administrator, you can go for a managed dedicated server which comes with full-time system administrators who maintain your server, carry out software updates, monitor server, offer phone support and so on.

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