Friday, June 26, 2015

Best Domain Name Tactics For SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very crucial to the success of any website and it is important for you to use the perfect domain name strategy in order to come top in search engine results. SEO is a comprehensive action aimed at boosting your search engine ranking so that your website will experience an upsurge in traffic.

Top on the list of SEO strategies is the production of quality contents. The internet is information-driven and search engines are looking for the best information for their users. You must ensure that you give top priority to the production of quality contents if you really want to be relevant on the World Wide Web. You need to get it right in the area of content creation before going further to other methods of optimization.

 Link building is also very important for your website in order to get a boosted page ranking (PR). You should ensure that you get links from websites with good PR, specifically PR2 and higher. The higher the number of quality links pointing to your site, the higher the PR your site will probably get and the higher your PR, the more prominent your site will feature in search engine results.

Furthermore, you should not forget social media marketing. Search engines factor in the popularity of your site on the social media before ranking it. You should make sure that your presence on the social media is highly significant. Apart from having an effect on your SEO, effective social media marketing is also capable of driving a tremendous amount of traffic to your website.

One of the domain name tactics for SEO is to ensure that your keyword is included in the URL. This will give you an advantage over competitors for the same keywords. If you cannot register a URL containing your keyword due to unavailability, you can approach the secondary market for domain names to buy it or contact the registrant of the domain to find out whether you can buy it. If you can reach an agreement with the registrant, you should not hesitate to purchase it.

Another domain name tactics for SEO is to register the variations of your domain. This is very essential in order to protect your name from cybersquatters. If, for example, you register a name like '', you should also register '', '', '', etc, and redirect them to your major site (''). If you don't do this, cybersquatters will do so and benefit from the popularity of your website. Other variations of your domain name will be suggested to you at the point of registration and you can formulate more yourself especially misspellings of your name (e.g '').

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