Friday, June 12, 2015

5 Reasons For Registering Multiple Domain Names

You may wonder why you need to register multiple domain names when you feel you don't need more than one. You need to register multiple domain names for many reasons and I will discuss five of them in this piece.

1. Domain Protection: If you register a domain name with the aim of building it into a website, it is essential to register other related names. For example, if you register '', you should also register related names like '', '',  '', '', '', etc. A lot of more related names will be suggested to you at the point of registration. If you don't register these related names and your website eventually becomes popular, someone else may register them and benefit from your popularity - this is called cyber-squatting.

2. Internet Marketing: It is not advisable to put all your eggs in one basket, hence, as an internet marketer, you need to sell more than one product or service, either for yourself or as an agent. Consequently, you need as many domains as possible for your products and/or services. In fact, you may need to dedicate one site for each product/service so that you will be able to experience a boost in revenue generation.

3. Blogging: If you want to make serious money online as a blogger, you need to launch more than one blog. Experienced bloggers launch multiple blogs and outsource content creation to good writers while they only focus on the management of the domains.

4. Domain Flipping: The buying and selling of domains is referred to as domain flipping and in order to succeed in this type of business, you need a robust portfolio. There is no other way to have a robust portfolio than to register multiple hot names that will make impact in the market.

5. Competing Online: In order to compete favorably online, you need to register multiple domain names. Since those you are competing with have multiple domains, if you want to be relevant in the niche you are targeting, you must not be left out in acquiring multiple names for one reason or another.

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