Monday, May 11, 2015

The Effect Of New Generic Top-level Domains On Businesses

If you don’t know about the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), is either you are probably living in the moon or you are not familiar with the happenings on the World Wide Web. In order to open up the internet and encourage the registration of more defined names, the industry’s watch-dog (ICANN) introduced new gTLDs such as .bank, .church, .plumbing, .photography, .band, .agency, and so on. Expectedly, these gTLDs have tremendous effects on businesses – small, medium or large scale.

For trademark owners, they will have to register their names in these new extensions so that they are not taken up by cybersquatters. Since these new extensions are more defined, the owner of ‘’, for example, will definitely need to register ‘’ and other related domains that will be suggested at the point of registration in order to protect the brand. This will certainly affect the budget of majority of trademark owners because if they decide to feel unconcerned, they may eventually lose more than they would have spent on registering these new gTLDs. The internet is highly dynamic and it is very important for anyone with an online presence to follow suit or risk being sidelined.

Furthermore, new business owners have a lot to gain from these new gTLDs. It is not a hidden fact that getting an ideal .com name is like trying to make a camel pass through the hole of a needle but getting an ideal name is so much easier now. If you discover that your choice name has been taken up in the .com extension and you can’t also get it in the .net, .biz, .info and .org extensions, it is advisable for you to check the new extensions. For example, if your intention is to register ‘’ and you discovered that it has been taken, alongside .net, .biz, .info and .org extensions, what you need to do is to register ‘’ and you are good to go.

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