Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How You Can Set Up A Custom Domain In Blogger

It is cool to start off your blog on a free blogger platform but as time goes on, it is ideal to get your own domain name and use it for your blog. Hence, instead of '', it will now be ''. Setting up a custom domain in your blogger account is not rocket science; you only need to follow the instructions below.

After purchasing your domain name, log in to your blogger account, click on your blog , go to 'settings' and select 'Basic'. You will see the publishing section and under it you should click '+ set up a 3rd party for your blog'. A third-party domain settings will appear and you should type your domain (with www) next to 'http://'.

You should then click on save and subsequently, an error message will appear reading, 'we have not been able to verify your authority of this domain. Error 32'. Under the error, you will see two fields, - Name/Label/Host and Destination/Target/Point to - copy data from both rows of these fields and save them.

Thereafter, click 'view settings' and you will be taken to another window where you will see the official instructions of blogger. On this window, choose the option that reads 'on a top-level domain'. Read the instructions properly and digest them in order to have a smooth set-up. Four IP addresses will be given to you under section 9 of the Blogger's instructions, you should copy and save all the 4 IP addresses.

Then, log in to your domain name account and choose 'Manage My Domains'. Click your domain  and then the 'DNS Zone File' tab next to settings. You should then choose 'Use Classic DNS Manager' and click on the 'edit' button to make some changes to your DNS zone file. Under the 'Name (Alias)' menu, click the 'Quick Add' button and enter the first data field saved above, that is, 'www' in the first box and '' in the second. Click 'quick add' again and enter the second data field saved above.

Subsequently, go to 'A (Host)' menu and click quick add. Enter your domain name at the left side and the 4 IP addresses you saved above at the right side. This should be done one after the other but the 4 IPs should go with your domain name. Save all your settings and you are through half way.

Then, go back to your blogger and try to save again, the error message should disappear and within some few hours, your blog's URL will change to your new domain. However, you should take note that it may be instant or take up to 48 hours in some cases before your new settings start working, don't panic. Once it starts working, click on the 'edit' link next to your domain on the settings page and check the 'Redirect to ...' check-box below. Then, type your URL without 'www' and redirect it to your domain with 'www' so that anyone that fails to put the 'www' when typing your domain will still be taken to your site.

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