Thursday, May 21, 2015

How To Register A Domain Name Like A Pro

Domain name registration is a task that should be handled professionally in order to get the best result. Getting a perfect name for your website is not as easy as ABC because when you check the availability of your name, it may have been taken. How then can you register your choice domain name without spending a fortune?

Planning is very important when you are trying to register a domain. You should state the purpose of the domain whether you are buying for the purpose of selling later (speculative) or you want to launch a website with it. If you want to acquire for speculative purposes, you need to buy multiple domains in order to have a befitting portfolio. If your domain will be used to launch a website, you only need to register a name plus other name variations suggested to you at the point of registration so that you will be able to protect your domain.

In order not to have problems in registering your choice domains, you should prepare about six possible names for one domain. This is very essential because if one is taken, you will just switch to others. You need to be very creative in this regard and use the right strategy to come up with various possibilities that will scale through the registration process. For example, if your intention is to register ‘’, you should include into your list of possible names; ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ (new gTLD) and so on. If one is taken, you can switch to another one. In fact, if all of them are available, you can register them so that no one else will be able to register them and compete with you online for that name. If you really need a taken .com domain, you can get a broker to get it for you.

Furthermore, you should use a good platform to register your domain name. It is your responsibility to ensure that the registrar you are dealing with is registered with ICANN. This is very important because if there is any problem regarding the registration in future, you will be able to approach the regulator for complaints. ICANN sets out guidelines for registrars to comply with and anyone found wanting will definitely face the music.

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