Monday, April 27, 2015

How To Register Domain Names To Beat Competition

The World Wide Web is a keenly competitive environment and if you want a successful online presence, you must be ahead of your competitors. Domain name registration is the foundation of any internet business and it is at this level that competition actually starts. It is important for you to choose the right name to register as a domain, which is not a stroll in the park, and protect the name from manipulative tendencies of competitors or cyber criminals. Domain protection can be achieved through many means and some of them are discussed in this piece.

Register Common Extensions: The .com extension is the most popular in the world and after picking that extension for your domain name, you should consider other popular extensions like .net, .org, .info, and .biz. Even though there are many extensions available, the five mentioned above are the most popular. If these extensions are registered before you do, they can be used by your competitors to re-direct traffic to their websites.

Register Both Singular and Plural Forms of Names: If you register a name that is noun in its singular form, you should consider registering its plural form. For example, if you register ‘’, you should also register ‘’ because some of your prospects may type the latter into their browsers. Cybersquatters are in the habit of registering the plural forms of new domains, but if you register yours before they have the opportunity of doing so, you have beaten them to their game.

Explore Various Verb Tenses: You should consider other tenses when the word you are registering is a verb. For example, if you register ‘’, it is very important for you to consider ‘’. It is possible for a visitor to type buying instead of buy and if you are prepared for this, you won’t be caught unawares.

Use Hyphen: If your name has more than one word, you can add hyphen(s) to them in order to create variations. For example, if you have registered ‘’, you should register ‘’ as a variation so that smart cyber guys will not get it and profit from your popularity.

Consider Misspellings: It is possible for a potential visitor to your site to misspell your name, hence, you should consider registering possible misspellings of your name. Weird can be misspelled as wierd, belief as beleif, article as artcle and so on.

Consider Homophones: Homophones are words that have the same sounds as another but generally with different spellings. A search engine user may be told to check out ‘’ but because it was not written for him, he went ahead to type ‘’. As a result of this, you need to come up with different homophones that are associated with your domain and register them.

Register .sucks: One of the new top-level domains is the .sucks and it is a very controversial extension. If you don’t register the .sucks of your domain name, your competitor or former employee may do so and use it to damage the reputation of your business. The extra amount of money that you will spend in registering these variations is incommensurable with the amount you will lose if you don’t.

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