Friday, March 13, 2015

What You Can Do If Your Domain Name Is Taken

When the domain name of your choice is already registered by another person, there are many ways of realizing your domain dream. The following steps will assist you to get it right when it comes to registering your choice name.

You can consider registering other extensions when the name of your choice is taken. It is not easy to get hot .com names these days because the extension is the most popular, hence, you should consider other extensions for your choice name. Other extensions like .net, .biz, .info, .org, etc, are also ideal for you. In fact, with the introduction of new generic top-level domain by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), it is now possible to register extensions like .shoes, .app, .photography, .music, etc. This will enable you to choose an extension that is related to your business and boost your online marketing.

In addition, you can slightly modify the taken name so that there will be no conflict. For instance, if the taken domain is ‘’, you can use ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, just to mention a few. You can also add a keyword or keywords to it if it does not have. For example, if the taken domain is ‘’, you can add keywords to it to make it unique and have something like ‘’ or ‘’. Abbreviations can also be used to break domain barriers, for instance, ‘’ can be renamed ‘’ while ‘’ can be modified as ‘’ and so on. If you are doing a local business, your location can be added for uniqueness. If ‘’ is taken, you can present ‘’ for registration.

Furthermore, you can get in touch with the owner of a domain name through to find out if it can be sold to you. Online domain merchants as well as auction sites may also have your choice name with them. Popular ones are Flippa, Sedo and eBay. Also, if you have the trademark of a name, you can assert your right. You can use the ICANN’s Uniform Dispute Resolution Process (UDRP) or ask your attorney to file a lawsuit. It can either be a trademark infringement suit or a cybersquatting suit and filing a suit is faster but more expensive than the UDRP, which requires no attorney.

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