Monday, March 2, 2015

How You Can Recover From A Domain Name Hijacking

The hijacking of a domain name can be disastrous to the owner especially if the domain is highly optimized. However, it is not the end of the world if such an event takes place as there are ways to get your domain back and continue your business.

Firstly, it is very essential for you to know the roles of the agency than runs domains. The ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the sole body that manages the domain name registration and it carries out its operations through accredited registrars for proper coordination. It gives out the rules and ensures that the rules are promoted by its registrars. It has the power to sanction any registrar or registrant who violates any of the laid-down rules at any point in time.

Consequently, when you discover that your domain name has been hijacked, you should inform your registrar. Once your registrar is aware, ICANN will also be aware and the process of retrieving your domain has been initiated. It is possible that your registrar will advice you to issue a court order to get your domain back and that is where your attorney comes in. You should get in touch with your attorney and give him the full details of what happened. He is in the best position to issue a court order which will enforce the ‘new registrar’ of your domain to return it to you

While all these are going on, you should not forget to make some noise on the social media. This will give you solidarity and let your regular visitors know what is going on. What majority of domain name hackers do is to redirect it to another one thereby benefiting from the traffic you have worked hard to get for many years. It is also important for you to keep calm during this process of recovering your name so that you will be able to think straight. You should not stop your SEO activities because you will definitely get your domain back. If this process is properly followed, it is very certain than you are going to get your hijacked domain name back.

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