Friday, March 6, 2015

5 Reasons For Multiple Domain Name Registration

Multiple domain name registration is the registration of two or more domain names. A lot of people are involved in this for many reasons but five of them will be discussed in this piece.

1. Domain Flipping: This is a term that refers to buying and selling of domain names online. If you want to be involved in this trade, you will have to register many hot domain names for the purpose of selling. The sale takes place on online domain marketplaces and auction sites like eBay, Flippa, Sedo and so on. The higher the number of hot domains you are able to register, the higher the profit you are going to make.

2.  Internet Marketing: If you sell products or services online, either for yourself or as an agent, you need more than one website so that you income status will be boosted. It is ideal to register a domain for each of the product or service you are marketing because this is one of the vital ways of achieving improved sales. If you use a website for many products, you will not make enough money compared to when you dedicate a website to a product.

3. Website Protection: If you don’t protect your domain name these days, it may be negatively exploited by cyber thieves. That is why it is important to register many variations of your domain in order to protect it. For example, if your major domain is ‘’, you should also register variations like ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ and other variations that are suggested to you at the point of registration. If you don’t register these variations, cyber thieves may do so and tap from your profit. They may even offer to sell the variations to you at exorbitant rates and you may have no other choice than to buy from them.

4. Blogging: A blogger needs to have at least five blogs in order to make serious money online. Blogging is a serious business and only those that see it like that will profit from it. Consequently, majority of bloggers resister multiple domain names and smile to the banks every month. You may be wondering how it will be easy for a blogger to get contents for five or even ten blogs on a regular basis. What experienced bloggers do is to outsource content creation and focus on domain management.

5. Beating Competition: In today’s highly competitive world, you need more than one domain name to succeed online. Your online presence is not well footed with just one domain and if you carry out your research properly, you will discover that your competitors are involved in multiple domain name registration. Hence, if you want to catch up with them or beat them, you have to do what they are doing or even surpass it.

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