Sunday, January 18, 2015

How A Free Domain Name Can Boost Your SEO

Your search engine optimization (SEO) plan starts with your choice domain name. If you are able to make the right choice at this initial stage of your online campaign, the other stages will not be difficult for you. However, getting a free domain name could boost your SEO effort if you know the tricks of successful webmasters.

In order to succeed online, after registering a domain name, it is very vital to register its variations. What do I mean by variations? If, for example, you register a name like '', the variations of this name are '', '', '', '', just to mention a few. If you don't register these variations and forward them to your main site, smart online raiders will register them and benefit from your SEO effort. Hence, it is very essential to register these variations which may cost you more and that is where a free domain name comes in.

By purchasing the right web hosting package from a reputable company, you will get free domain names ranging from 1 to 10. This will give you the opportunity to register a main site and its variations at a reduced cost without fear of online squatters. You will also be able to create multiple sub-domains which can be used to further promote your main site. The type of package you choose will determine the number of free domains that will be given to you.

However, you should be careful not to get a sub-domain (e.g. '') because it is not good for SEO. If you optimize a sub-domain and it is well ranked, the site owner may decide to take it away from you at any point in time. This is possible because you do not have full access to the domain's management tools. Consequently, you must ensure that you have unlimited access to the DNS of any free domain name you are getting or else you have not gotten a domain. Your SEO plan must put into consideration the tricks of successful webmasters which include the registration of multiple names for a website, whereas many of the names will be registered for free. It is a smart way of reducing the cost of setting up your website and optimizing it for search engines for the purpose of appearing on first pages of their search results for targeted keywords.

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