Monday, January 12, 2015

Free Domain Name - The Good And The Bad Sides

There are two sides to a coin at all times and this is also applicable to free domain names. If your intention is to get a free name, you should be acquainted with the good and bad sides so that you will choose right and choose well. If you care to read on, this piece will treat this issue without prejudice.

One of the bad sides of free domain names is that you may get a site which you cannot control. It may be flooded with advertisements that may turn off your visitors and may also disallow the use of HTML tags which are highly essential for internet marketing. You may be given a sub-domain which may be too long for your visitors to pronounce and remember.

Furthermore, you may get into the hands of fraudsters who will give you the domain for free and later take it away from you after discovering that you have optimized it. Hence, if you get a free domain, make sure that the DNS control is in your hands. A lot of people have fallen victims of these fraudsters and since you are reading this piece, you can never be a victim (except you don't follow my recommendation). The bottom-line is this; if you don't have access to the DNS, you don't have a domain name, either free or paid.

On the other hand, there is the good side of free domain names. You can get a name for free from any competent, reliable and accredited registrar but there is a condition attached to it - you must purchase a web hosting package. It is like killing two birds with one stone (if it is ever possible) because when you get a name, you definitely have to host it. I call this the good side of free domain names because all the functionality of managing a domain successfully will be at your disposal. You will be given full access to the DNS and this will give you the opportunity to change web host at will. No one can take the domain back from you except  you do not renew it because it is renewable every year. Consequently, you won't be afraid when optimizing the website since you are very sure that the domain is 100% yours.

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