Monday, December 1, 2014

What Free Domain Names May Not Do For You

It is possible to register free domain names these days but you need to know what is in stock for you before making a decision.There are different types of free domain names and some of them will be discussed in this piece.

Some free domain names are sub-domains, for example, if I register a name like '' and I want to give out free names, my subscribers will get sub-domains like '', '', etc. In addition, my subscribers will have less control over the websites and can only use the domain management and web design features I enable. That means, I have total control over the layout of the site and can decide to place adverts on any part of each of the pages. Consequently, your chances of making money with the site will be greatly reduced if not totally eliminated.

Moreover, there are free names that are not sub-domains but their extensions are not popular (e.g. .cf, .ga, .gq, .ml, .tk. etc). You can get any of them for free but in most cases, you have to host at a higher rate compared to paid domains. In addition, you will have access to few domain management functionalities which may not be good enough for you. If your aim is to launch a business website, it is advisable to think twice on free domain names, after all, in Freetown, everything is not free.

Since registering a domain name is not that expensive, your business will have more professional look if you make use of a paid name than a free one. But if you cannot really afford a paid one, it is better to go for a free one than do nothing about your business ambition. You only need to weigh the options very well and come up with the best strategy that will make your online presence successful.

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