Monday, December 29, 2014

How To Discover The Right Domain Name For Your Website

The first task you are faced with when setting up your website is to choose the right domain name. The name you choose is one of the factors that will determine the success of your website or otherwise. Consequently, you should put your head to extra work in order to choose a name that will make you succeed online.

It is very essential for you to research top keywords thoroughly and come up with the most rewarding ones that are related to your business. Your domain name should reflect your keywords and if the name has been taken, you can put hyphens between each word to make it unique. You can also make use of other extensions, apart from .com, such as .biz and .net. Although .com is the most popular extension in the world, having a .biz or .net as an extension will not reduce the rank of the site.

Furthermore, you should choose a domain name that is easy to type. People are always in a hurry these days and if you don't choose a name that can be spelt with ease, you may lose a lot of prospects who may type the wrong spelling on search engines and address bars of their browsers.

Besides, your name should be kept as short as possible. If you choose something that is too long, it may discourage your prospects and they may decide to go for your competitor with a shorter URL. Internet users love to deal with websites that they can easily remember the name, hence, they tend to favor sites with short names. You can take a closer look at successful websites on the internet, you will discover that their domain names are not unnecessarily long.

Another thing you must keep in mind is that you should avoid infringing on the copyright law when choosing a domain name. You should carry out your research properly so that you don't make use of a name that has a copyright protection. If you infringe on the copyright law and you are prosecuted, you may get more trouble than you bargain for.

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