Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5 Mistakes You Should Not Make About Free Domain Names

If you don't want your sojourn on the World Wide Web to be a failure, there are some mistakes you should not make about free domain names. Five of these mistakes are treated in this piece and it is very important to take note of them with all seriousness.

1. Do not fall cheaply for sub-domains: Many webmasters give out sub-domains for free with the hope of getting their money back through the placement of adverts on the domain. If you are floating a business, this type of arrangement is not good for you.

2. Do not choose a domain that is free for life: We all love free stuffs but the bitter truth is that nothing is actually free. If you are offered a domain free of charge for life, you should investigate properly instead of jumping at the offer. A question that should come to your mind is 'how will they sustain the business when they are giving out things for free'.

3. Do not choose a domain that you won't have control of the DNS: If you are denied access to the DNS, it simply means that you are a temporary owner of the name. You cannot host it with the company of your choice and that is because you are not the one managing the domain.

4. Do not forget to test-run before optimizing: If you get a free domain, you should ensure that you make use of it for at least a month before optimizing for search engines. This will give you the opportunity to know the real features of what has been given to you and clarify issues before using it on a full scale level.

5. Do not fail to compare options: It is important to compare different options before making a choice. There are different types of free domain names and by comparing them, you will be able to come up with the right one that will take your business to the next level.

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